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eyelash extensions

preperation instructions

It is critical to follow all preparation and aftercare instructions for your initial appointment as well as your perfecting appointment, in order to achieve optimal results. Please read carefully.

Do not apply makeup to your lashes.
If you wear mascara the day before, make sure all residue is removed.



Do not wet your lashes for 24 hours after your appointment. The adhesive used during the service must have time to fully dry. You may wash your face in the sink using a washcloth, however be sure to avoid the eye area.


No saunas, facials, or swimming within 24 hours after your appointment.


Be gentle with your lashes! Do not rub or pull on your eyelash extensions.


Do not use any oil-based products on your eyes. Oil will breakdown the adhesive, causing premature loss of lash extensions.


Do not touch lash extensions with your bare hands.


Do not perm lash extensions.


Do not use Eyelash Curlers on lash extensions.


Do not use cotton on lash extensions.


Do not use waterproof mascara, only water-based mascara. If desired, you may apply mascara only to the tips of your lash extensions.


You must wash your lashes daily (after the initial 24 hours). You may apply a lash cleanser (Cetaphil) with your fingers, rubbing gently down the lashes. If you prefer, you may apply a lash cleanser (Cetaphil) to your lashes using a spoolie. Brush through lashes gently, and rinse with warm water.


You must brush your lashes daily with a spoolie.


Do not attempt to remove lash extensions on your own. Contact the salon to book an appointment for removal. (This will prevent loss of your natural lashes)

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